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Bharath M
Properties of strongly correlated electron systems
Jaskirat Brar
Quantum phase transitions in transition metal compounds
Gurpreet Kaur
Magnetic and thermal properties of mixed metal oxides
Sonu Chhillar
Multiferroics - 6H-perovskite Materials
Milon Kundar
Optical properties and application of Perovskitese
Electronic transport of transition metal dichalcogenides, topological materials
Swati Pathak
Electronic and local structure study of Heusler compounds
Divya Rawat
Optical properties of layered chalcogenide materials
Himanshu Pant
Experimental studies of electronic structure for double perovskite oxides and intermetallic alloys
Azaz Ahmad
Theoretical condensed matter physics
Addepalli Lavakumar
Exploring cavity field states in Quanutm Dots-PhC cavity system
Ashish Soni
Ultrafast dynamical behaviour of quasi-particles in 2D transition metal dichalcogenides
Ankit Kashyap
Investigation of Thermoelectrics
Sandeep Kushawah
Statistical and Dynamical Properties of Lennard Jones systems
Nasaru Khan
Quasiparticle Dynamics of 2D Materials
Ishita Ghorai
Quantum Monodromy in effective polyad breaking Hamiltonian
Gautham Varma K
Theoretical condensed matter physics
Devansu Chakraborty
Study of metallic glasses via simulations
Sunil kumar V
Theoretical ultracold quantum gases
Shilpa Verma
Chalcogenide Phase Change Materials
Atul Chakkar
Phonon dynamics in 2D materials.
Arundhati Goldar
Investigating the quantum nature of cosmological peturbation
Nagendra S Kamath
Study of ultrafast many-body interactions in 2D transition metal dichalcogenides
Rhitaparna pal
Theoretical high energy physics
Koushik P
Physical properties of Heusler alloys
Investigation of the properties of compounds that exhibit quantum phase transition
Abhishek Sharma
Study of the motile rods in the nematic medium of nonmotile rods
Sandeep Singh
Theoretical studies of multi-component condensates of dilute atomic gases.
Kuldeep Prajapat
Atomic and molecular physics
Dynamical and Statistical properties of many-particle systems of chiral rings
Phonons and quasiparticle excitations in quantum materials.
Kewal Singh Rana
Thermoelectric Properties of Minerals (Experimental Condensed Matter Physics))
Dheeraj Ranaut
Quantum magnetism in rare earth orthovanadates (Experimental condensed matter physics)
Sunil Kumar
Condensed Matter Physics
Frustrated magnetic materials such as pyrochlore zirconate
Sachin Rana
Gas electron multiplier
Optical control of Valleytronics materials
Deep Sagar
Study of manganese (Mn) based magnetic materials using Density Functional Theory (DFT)
Anuraag Rathore
Study of jet substructure in heavy ion collisions at LHC energies
Jaideep Kalani
Ultra fast silicon detectors
Magnetic and electrical transport properties of Intermetallics, specifically Heusler alloys
Umashankar Pardhi
thermodynamics and statistics in non-Markovian stochastic models
Chaitanya Auti
Study of quasiparticle and phonon dynamics in 2D materials.
Pankaj Kumar
Quantum transport in the correlated electron systems
Investigation of quantum phase transition behaviour in Ruthanate based oxides.
Ajay Atwal
Inflation of the universe ( Cosmology)
Koushik Gayen
Devices based on perovskite material.
Manisha Kumari
Investing Rare Higgs Boson Decay at LHC and Physics Beyond Standard Model (High Energy Physics)
Shibshankar Karmakar
Condensed Matter Physics
Aravind V Raj
Tetrahedral Cluster Compounds (Experimental Condensed Matter Physics)
Optical Studies of Layered Chalcogenide Materials.
Manaswini Priyadarshini
Search of dark matter from P-P collision (Experimental high energy physics)
Keshav Sharma
Transport properties of Transition metal dichalcogenides (Experimental condensed matter Physics)
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Material informatics
Adesh Singh
Theoretical condensed matter physics
Investigation of quantum materials via phonon dynamics.
Sahil Bhandari
Ultrafast carrier dynamics in 2D perovskite.
Vivek Pandey
Topological analysis of Weyl semimetals
Bhumit Luhar
Optoelectronic and electronic properties of 2D Transition metal dichalcogenides
Aditya Singh
Transport Properties of Quantum Materials
Prakash Pandey
Electronic and phononic based properties of materials
Quasi-Low dimensional and frustrated quantum magnetic systems.
Aksa Thomas
Quantum Devices Based on Heterostructure of 2D Materials
Shivani Bhardwaj
Strongly correlated electron systems (Theoretical condensed matter physics)
Vivek P
Stability of molecular clusters using Conjugate-Gradiate method.
Bhuwan Joshi
Development of numerical algorithms using Split-operator technique:Case studies on Nose Hoover thermodstat and higher order schemes"(soft condensed ma
Shraddha Chowdhury
Dressed basis method for matrix diagonalization(Computational Physics)
Siddhartha Mithiya
Second Harmonic Generation in Nonlinear optice
Kartik Madan
Electron Scattering Studies (Atomic and Molecular Physics))
Rasheed Shaik
Structure & Dynamics of Atomic/Cluster systems
Theoretical understanding of solvation dynamics of an electron and dipole.
Keshav Thakur
Soft matter physics
Nidhi Chamoli
Effective Hamiltonian study for isomerising systems
Sheeshram Siddh
Sahil Bhandari
Ultrafast carrier dynamics in 2D perovskite.
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Shubhanshu Karoliya
Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
Manshi Rani
Quantum Magnetism
Trishu Verma
Condensed Matter Physics
Sivasankar PM
Ultracold Quantum Gases