1. Bulk Reconstruction in AdS/CFT (Nirmalya Kajuri)

  2. AdS/CFT correspondence is a map between two theories - a quantum theory of gravity in a higher dimensional space (bulk) and a conformal field theory in one lower dimension (boundary). The challenge is to translate between the two theories. The program of translating bulk physics in terms of the boundary is called Bulk Reconstruction. My research program involves understanding different aspects of Bulk Reconstruction.

  3. Decoherence in Inflationary Cosmology (Nirmalya Kajuri)

  4. All structure in the Universe originates from primordial quantum fluctuations that occurred during the inflation phase in very early universe. There had to be a transition in the early universe from quantum fluctuations to classical before structure formation could take place. This is hypothesized to happen via decoherence. I am interested in applying tools of open quantum systems to understand the process of decoherence.

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