IIT Mandi has a Central Library and this central library operation is automated using KOHA. Library currently houses over 42924 books (21150 print books & 21774 e-books) and provides access to more than 48746 e-resources. The Library also has a very good collection of AV materials, such as CDs and DVDs.
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Advanced Materials Research Centre (AMRC) is a multi-disciplinary hub for research facilities at IIT Mandi with a mission to foster basic and applied research in the area of advanced materials dealing with the synthesis of new materials, processing, structural, microstructural, thermal, optical and electrical characterizations at various length scales. AMRC represents materials-focused research in the areas of energy, environment, electronics, magnetism, organic displays, solar cells, drug delivery, nanotechnology, etc with the participation of faculty members from physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering disciplines.
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NKN (National Knowledge Network) is an electronic classroom. It is used to digitally connect all national universities, colleges, and research establishments to create country-wide virtual classrooms.
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A well-equipped Central Workshop with a CNC lathe, CNC milling, rapid prototyping machine and conventional machining, welding and foundry equipment cater to the requirements of undergraduate labs, projects, and various research activities.


The institute has a High-Performance computational facility with 171 nodes based on Intel Xeon processors, a memory of 12 TB, and 630 TB storage space. IIT Mandi has four sophisticated interactive virtual classrooms.
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The Centre for Design & Fabrication of Electronic Devices (C4DFED) at (IIT) Mandi (Himachal Pradesh), India is a unique world-class facility for multidisciplinary research on electronic device design and fabrication. this center has class 100, Class 1000 & Class 10000 laboratories where high-end sophisticated electronic device design, fabrication, and characterization tools are installed & housed.
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Electrical and electronics, Mechanical Design, Thermo-fluids, Physics, BioX, Nanotechnology, Photoresist, Chemistry, and Computer Sciences labs have been developed according to the requirements of the curriculums. All the labs are equipped with instruments, which are useful for both teaching and research purposes.