Current Research

1. Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
2. Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
3. Superconductivity
4. Topological phases of matter
5. Thermoelectricity
6. Quantum Magnetism
7. Multiferroics

Recent Publications

1. S. Chhillar, K. Mukherjee, and C.S. Yadav Large magnetodielectric coupling in the vicinity of metamagnetic transition in 6H-perovskite Ba3GdRu2O9, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 34, 145801 (2022)
2. Shailja Sharma, Shiv Kumar, G.C. Tewari, G. Sharma, E.K. Schwier, Kenya Shimada, A. Taraphder, and C.S. Yadav Magnetotransport and high resolution angle -resolved photoemission spectroscopy studies of palladium doped Bi2Te3, Physical Review B 105, 115120 (2022)
3. Sonika, M.K. Hooda, Shailja Sharma, and C.S.Yadav Planar Hall effect in Cu intercalated PdTe2, Applied Physics Letter 119, 261904 (2021)
4. Sheetal, and C.S. Yadav Evolution of spin freezing transition and structural, magnetic phase diagram of Dy2-xLaxZr2O7; x = 0- 2.0, Scientific Reports 11, 19832 (2021)
5. Shailja Sharma, and C.S. Yadav Experimental setup for Seebeck and Nernst coefficient measurements Review of Scientific Instruments 91, 123907 (2020)