Current Research

Broadly, I am interested in the interplay between quantum theory and gravity. My research interests are in the fields of AdS/CFT correspondence and quantum cosmology. In AdS/CFT correspondence, I work on translating questions about gravitational physics (in an AdS space-time) to questions about conformal field theory (CFT). In quantum cosmology, I am interested in understanding decoherence.

Recent Publications

1. Bulk Reconstruction and Bogoliubov Coefficients in AdS_2, Parijat Dey and Nirmalya Kajuri, JHEP 09 (2021)
2. Symmetry transformation of subregion bulk representation, Nirmalya Kajuri, Phys.Lett.B 825 (2022)
3. Bulk reconstruction in rotating BTZ black hole, Nirmalya Kajuri, Phys.Rev.D 103 (2021)
4. Lectures on bulk reconstruction, Nirmalya Kajuri, SciPost Phys.Lect.Notes 22 (2021)
5. Entanglement entropy of nonlocal theories in AdS spacetimes, Gaurav Narain and Nirmalya Kajuri,Phys.Rev.D 99 (2019)