Current Research

I am a theoretical physicist specializing in quantum many-body theory. In my research, I delve into the intricate realm of quantum condensed matter physics, focusing on the interplay between quantum mechanics and emergent behaviors in complex materials. I aim to understand and predict exotic phenomena, such as superconductivity, and topological phases, by employing theoretical models, advanced mathematical formalism, and computational techniques. My work is driven by the dual objectives of uncovering fundamental principles and paving the way for potential technological applications in fields like quantum computing and quantum transport. Collaborative efforts with experimentalists and fellow theorists enrich my exploration of these phenomena, contributing to the ongoing advancement of our understanding and applications within the dynamic landscape of quantum many-body physics.

Recent Publications

1. "Quantum interference of pseudospin-1 fermions" Adesh Singh, G. Sharma Physical Review B 108, 195426 (2023)
2. "Anisotropic positive linear and sub-linear magnetoresistivity in the cubic type-II Dirac metal Pd3In7" A. F. Savvidou, A. Ptok, G. Sharma, B. Casas, J. K. Clark, V. M. Li, M. Shatruk, S. Tewari & L. Balicas NPJ Quantum Mater. 8, 68 (2023)
3. "Geometrical transport in pseudospin-1 fermions" A. Singh, G. Sharma Physical Review B 107 (24), 245150 (2023)
4. "Longitudinal magnetoconductance and the planar Hall conductance in inhomogeneous Weyl semimetals" A. Ahmad, K.V. Raman, S. Tewari, G. Sharma Physical Review B 107 (14), 144206 (2023)
5. "Decoupling intranode and internode scattering in Weyl fermions" G. Sharma, S. Nandy, K.V. Raman, S. Tewari Physical Review B, 107, 115161 (2023)