TITLE : Noise in emerging materials and devices for quantum technologies


Noise is usually not a liked phenomenon, because it comes with disturbance. It reduces our ability to measure a signal. In quantum systems, noise also causes decoherence of electronic wavefunctions, which is a major concern if we want to make a quantum computer someday. But there is another side too, where noise can be a unique physical resource in exploring novel physical processes in solids, as well as in detecting or sensing parameters such as charge, spin, electromagnetic fields etc with great sensitivity. In this talk I shall give an overview of noise in the electrical properties of some of the new low-dimensional materials, and how it impacts the performance of new genre of devices for technological applications. I shall provide examples of both cases when noise needs to be eliminated to achieve superior functionality, and also when it becomes the signal itself.


Speaker: Dr. Arindam Ghosh

Venue: Online

Date and Time: April 1st, 2022, 3:00 pm