TITLE : Defect-induced localization in two-dimensional materials (with an uncorrelated side serving of biological quantum physics)


Random disorder in two-dimensional materials is typically expected to localize the wavefunction, leading to intriguing quantum transport phenomena. In this talk, I will present our comprehensive experimental and theoretical investigations on disordered graphene (including vacancy, nitrogen, and sulfur doping) with a focus on electrical and thermal transport, magnetic properties, Raman spectroscopy, and non-linear optical responses. I will also briefly discuss our ongoing research on elucidating the origin of triboelectricity in 2D materials through the lens of localization. Additionally, I will highlight some of the quantum effects in renewable energy that I previously presented in Mandi. Time permitting, we will transition to explore an entirely distinct topic within quantum biophysics: the treatment of the genome (particularly single-stranded RNA) as a quantum object and its implications for biological quantum technologies.


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Speaker: Dr. Ramakrishna Podila

Venue: A1-NKN, South Campus

Date and Time: Thursday, 16 May 2024 (IST)