TITLE : X-ray Dark Field Imaging


We are all familiar with the CT scanners and digital X-ray machines in the hospital. These non-invasive diagnostic techniques rely on the penetrative property of X-rays and the fact that they get absorbed differently while passing through different media. These properties of X-rays allow us to generate contrast between different kinds of tissues inside the human body, and the resulting image is known as an absorption contrast image. X-rays are, however, electromagnetic waves and also exhibit scattering and refraction when they interact with media. Technological advancements in instrumentation have enabled the use of scattering signals to generate images, and the contrast thus obtained is known as an X-ray dark-field (XDF) image. XDF is a new contrast modality which is able to generate contrast between structures which would appear similar on an absorption image, for instance, a diseased vs a healthy lung. The talk will lead the audience through a brief description of traditional X-ray imaging, and dive deep into X-ray dark-field imaging and its applications both in medicine and non-destructive testing.


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Speaker: Dr. Yash Sharma

Venue: A1-NKN, South Campus

Date and Time: Monday, 22 April 2024 12:00 noon (IST)