TITLE : Multicomponent Metal Nitride Coatings: From Simplicity to Complexity Of The Materials System For Enhanced Mechanical/Corrosion Properties.


Multicomponent metal nitride ceramics have drawn great attention as advanced coating materials in the past decade. Their applications include diffusion barrier layers[1], hard wear-resistant coatings[2], and corrosion-resistant coatings (for example in a fuel cell) [3]. In this invited lecture, I present an overview of our work on multicomponent nitride films with Me1-Nx for which (Me1 = Ti, Nb, Zr, Ta, ... / nitride forming elements), and with the Cantor Me2-Nx (Me2 = Cr, Fe, Co, Ni, ...) material systems. The coatings and materials were synthesized by reactive magnetron sputtering for which the nitrogen content / metal content can be controlled. In the nitride forming multicomponent film, the content and the metal substitution in the NaCl-B1 structure affect the corrosion/ electrical properties / morphology / hardness. The refractory multicomponent nitride materials have shown high potentials in terms of mechanical (Hardness = 20-30 GPa) and corrosion (lower Icorr and Ecor) for corrosion resistant coating in a fuel cell. On the other hand, the cantor material nitride composed of non-forming nitride element present a complex material system with competition of several stable phases but opportunities for specific properties. A thorough step-by-step investigation on synthesis processes allowed to obtained single phase of diluted metal fcc structure with diluted nitrogen in the octahedra site, or NaCl-B1 structure material, or amorphous material. References: [1] M. H. Tsai, C. W. Wang, C. H. Lai, J. W. Yeh, J. Y. Gan, Applied Physics Letters 92 (2008) 052109. [2] K. S. Chang, K. T. Chen, C. Y. Hsu, P. D. Hong, Applied Surface Science 440 (2018) 1-7. [3] C.H. Lin, J.G. Duh, Surface and Coatings Technology 203 (2008) 558-561.


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Speaker: Dr. Arnaud Le Febvrier (Linkoping University, Sweden)

Venue: A4 Conference Room, South Campus

Date and Time: Thursday April 4th, 2024 12:00 noon (IST)