TITLE : Exploring non-equilibrium physics--computational insights


Recent advancements in both theoretical and experimental realms of non-equilibrium physics have unveiled emerging phenomena in the field of physics. This talk aims to delve into these novel aspects, acknowledging their challenges from both analytical and experimental perspectives. To investigate these phenomenons effectively, the adoption of computational approaches becomes imperative. The presentation will commence by introducing computational methods tailored to address the complexities associated with non-equilibrium physics. Specifically, a focus will be placed on exact and Lanczos algorithms employed for computing Hamiltonians. I will give insights into the numerical calculations of relevant observables, shedding light on the implementation of these methods to enhance computational efficiency. Building upon this foundation, the talk will elucidate the basic principles underlying the treatment of non-equilibrium systems. Special emphasis will be placed on the challenges inherent in dealing with time-dependent Hamiltonians within the context of Floquet physics. By addressing these challenges, the presentation aims to pave the way for a deeper understanding of the intricate dynamics of non-equilibrium systems, providing researchers with valuable insights and tools to navigate this fascinating frontier.


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Speaker: Mr. Karun Gadge (University of Gottingen, Germany)

Venue: A1-NKN, South Campus

Date and Time: Friday Dec 15th, 2023, 3:00 pm