TITLE : Unconventional Photonic Materials that Do More with Light!


With the growing demand of energy, global warming and energy security are major concerns for humankind. Renewable energy source has proven to be the most useful solution to this with a promise to boost the local economy. Moreover, with huge deployment of PV panels have shown the promise of 75 TW installation by 2050 from current 1 TW to limit the overall global warming, which is most essential to keep the organic life on this planet. Places like India will always benefit using PV technology as a source of energy. Currently used PV technologies are efficient, reliable, and relatively cheap, but there is, and always will be, unquenchable demand for new PV technologies. With a promise by new PV technology to be more efficient and cost-effective, and importantly, have a lower 'carbon-footprint' for a sustainable world. In this context, the emerging perovskite thin-film PV technology meets all these requirements and offers unprecedented promise, which will be discussed. While the record power-conversion efficiency of perovskite PV now rivals conventional silicon PV, stability is becoming 'bottleneck' challenge in perovskite PV. Various approaches adopted by us to make it more stable, scalable and efficient will be discussed. The scientific rationales and execution plans will be part of the results to stimulate the interaction with audience.


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Speaker: Prof. Dinesh Kabra

Venue: A1 Conference Room, South Campus

Date and Time: Mon, October, 30th 2023, 4:30 PM