TITLE : Entanglement In Quantum Many-Body Systems


In this seminar, I will start the discussion with a summary of my overall research background, by briefly mentioning the work done during my Ph.D. and postdoc periods. Thereafter, I will mainly focus on one main direction I have been working on for the past few years. It is about a formalism named "link representation of quantum entanglement" that we introduced in our recent works [1-4] . In particular, I will talk about its motivation, application, and significance. How it is important in the case of quantum information, quantum computation, open quantum systems, and quantum many-body systems. Next, I will also discuss a tentative plan of my future research and possible scopes of collaborations with other members of the physics department of IIT Mandi. In the end, I will discuss my teaching plans. In particular, courses I want to teach and plan to develop at IIT Mandi.


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Speaker: Dr. Sudipto Singha Roy

Venue: A7 Conference Room (South Campus)

Date and Time: June 19th, 2023 04:00 PM