TITLE : Large scale quantum networks - The quantum internet and its topography


Our understanding of entanglement has evolved from denial to acceptance and even euphoria (Nobel 2022!) via scientific epiphanies. Building the quantum internet is an effort to harness it as a resource for quantum communication which highlights sobering realities of the fragile nature of quantum states and entanglement. In this colloquium I will first describe some applications of a quantum network, followed by the main problems in this area and place our current understanding of entanglement as a resource in a historical context. Finally, I will describe the topography of large-scale quantum network based on a plausible entanglement-distribution scheme and point out potential quantum-safe and quantum resistant regions from the point of view of secure communications.


Speaker: Dr. Siddharth Santra

Venue: A4 Conference Room

Date and Time: June 1st, 2023 3:00 PM