TITLE : Understanding mechanism of Mn emission in Perovskite halides using Raman Spectroscopy and Magnetic Circular Dichroism


In this talk, we present a comprehensive study on the origin of Mn emission in Mn-doped perovskite halides using Raman spectroscopy and magnetic circular dichroism (MCD). By analyzing the Raman spectra, we demonstrate the influence of the local structural distortions and phonon modes on the Mn emission. In addition, we investigate the role of magnetic properties on the Mn emission by measuring the MCD spectra. Our results suggest that the Mn emission is strongly influenced by both the local structural distortions and magnetic properties of the host material. MCD shows the interaction of deeper levels of the conduction band and is severely affected by the spin orbit coupling. This study provides a deeper understanding of the Mn emission in perovskite halides and highlights the importance of considering both structural and magnetic properties in designing Mn-doped perovskite halides for optoelectronic applications.


Joining Link: events/SPSseminar_RanjaniViswanatha.pdf

Speaker: Prof Ranjani Viswanatha

Venue: A4 Conference Room

Date and Time: April 27th, 2023, 3:00 PM