TITLE : Rod like proteins on membranes: patterns, shapes and flows


Physics of soft-matter like polymers, membranes, liquid-crystals provide the basic building blocks for biological systems, for example, a cell. Association of proteins to biological membranes is well known. An ensemble of rod-like proteins attached to a membrane can deform it locally and thereby change the shape of a closed membrane vesicle. The rods themselves often create interesting patterns on membranes and this can be understood using physics of nematic liquid crystals. Often these proteins can move and generate flows beneath the membrane. Such flows are responsible for the change of cell-shape during cell division. I will focus on two examples, a) spontaneous formation of tubes from vesicles, and b) nonequilibrum, active flow of material during cell division.


Speaker: Prof. Anirban Sain

Venue: A1-NKN

Date and Time: May 30th, 2021, 5:30 pm