Current Research

I'm a theoretical cosmologist, currently interested in 21cm Cosmology. Prior to this, I have also worked on wide topics in theoretical topics like alternatives to General Relativity, alternatives to inflation, Cosmic Microwave Background, Large Scale Structures etc.

Recent Publications

1. Kothari, Rahul. "A comprehensive study of Modulation effects on CMB Polarization". In: General Relativity and Gravitation 54.37 (2022). DOI doiorg/10.1007/s10714-022-02921-8
2. Prabhakar Tiwari, Kothari, Rahul, and Pankaj Jain. "Superhorizon perturbations: A possible explanation of the Hubble -Lemaitre Tension and the Large Scale Anisotropy of the Universe". In: The Astrophysical Journal Letters 924.2 (2022), p. L36.
3. Kothari, Rahul and Roy Maartens. "Lensing contribution to the 21cm intensity bispectrum". In: Class. Quant. Grav. 38 (2021), p. 095013
4. Ruth Durrer, Mona Jalilvand, Kothari, Rahul, Roy Maartens, and Francesco Montanari. "Full-sky bis- pectrum in redshift space for 21cm intensity maps". In:JCAP 12 (2020), p. 003.
5. Kothari, Rahul, M.V.S. Saketh, and Pankaj Jain. "Torsion driven Inflationary Magnetogenesis". In: Phys. Rev. D 102.2 (2020), p. 024008